TRX Pro 4 Suspension Training Kit




TRX Pro 4 System

TRX Pro 4 System is one of the most advanced and versatile Suspension Trainer systems on the market, built for those who enjoy challenging bodyweight workouts. Features adjustable foot cradles, upgraded webbing and Microban-treated antimicrobial, textured rubber handles. Used by Olympians, Pro Athletes and fitness fanatics worldwide.


- Locking, 1,300-lbs.-tested carabiner
- Equalizer & locking loops keep even length
- Lightweight Barrel Lock adjusters
- Built-in Microban Antimicrobial Rubber Handles

What's Included:

- TRX PRO 4 Suspension Trainer
- Adjustable Foot Cradles
- Built-In Microban Antimicrobial Rubber Handles
- Theft-Resistant Carabiner
- Industrial-Grade Reinforcement Stitching
- Barrel Lock Adjusters

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