Sweet Waist Trimmer Pro Series Waist Trainer Belt


Lose weight, reduce your waist sizes, and get that body ready for summer! This sweet sweat waist trainer will change the way you exercise. Made with pure, high-quality materials, this skin-friendly cincher is specially made for exercise.

There is nothing worst than buying a waist trainer and then having to throw it away a couple of weeks later because it lost its color, and got broken or damaged from the use. Those days are over! The sweet sweat waist trainer is made with durable, long-lasting, and overall extremely comfortable materials.

A velcro closure system for easy, comfortable and fast use. You just have to tight and close! As said before, you will be surprised at how comfy you will feel while using it!

Made for exercise

If you want that perfect sexy body you want to have. Then you need to use this sweet sweat waist trainer. Made with the best quality neoprene on the inner side. this product helps your body burn fat and calories faster by keeping the heat and steams of exercise close to your body. The results are incredible! You will see the difference between working out with and without this cincher.

Not only that! But this sweet sweat waistband helps improve your posture. By applying some pressure to your lumbar region, helps straighten your spine and improve your posture. It is amazing the change it makes on your body to just standing straight the right way. You will see how your chest gets bigger and your shoulders will look square and strong. Thanks to the heat this wais trainer keeps, it will relieve minor back pains!

What are you waiting for? This product is just amazing! 

Size Chart:

                  Length                          Width                           Fit Waist   
S       90cm / 35.43inch       19cm / 7.48inch       71cm / 27.95inch
M     95cm / 37.40inch       19cm / 7.48inch       84cm / 33.07inch
L     100cm / 39.37inch      20cm / 7.87inch       97cm / 38.19inch
XL  105cm / 41.34inch      20cm / 7.8inch7       112cm / 44.09 inch


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