Slastix Bands w/Clips 48in




Don't let your resistance bands dictate how you train, where you will train or how fast your fitness and performance levels will increase. Stroops Slastix wiht Clips 48 in Resistance Bands with Clips are the most versatile and effective resistance bands on the planet and are easily incorporated into many different Stroops resistance band training products such as the Fit Stik Pro, Python Striker and Cheetah. Stroops resistance bands are lightweight and can be used anywhere. Use them in your home, in the garage or out in the backyard. Throw some in your gym bag and take them to the gym or park. There are different lengths to choose from and resistance levels perfect for the beginner to professional athlete.

Stroops Slastix Band Versatility:

Stroops Slastix Resistance Band training versatility is endless and only limited by the users imagination. Because each end of the band has a carabiner clip, the user can use one to clip into a low, medium or high anchor point while clipping the other end to anything from a Stroops Fit Stik Pro for performing all types of core blasting exercises to cable attachments used to target upper or lower body muscles. Slastix bands allow the user to simulate all types of weight stack machine exercises without the need of a machine weighing several hundred pounds. A single band can be wrapped around an anchor point with two attachments, such as D-handles, clipped in that allow chest presses, chest flyes, lat rows, bicep curls and many other exercises to be performed. Want a cable crossover machine that you can fit in your gym bag? Use two bands connected to two opposing anchor points along with your favorite D-handles or stirrup handles. You’ll be able to perform all the same exercises you would at the gym on the cable crossover. Stroops Slastix Exercise Bands make a great free weight alternative for those that want to spice up their training.

Slastix Construction and Safety:

Resistance bands and tubing that have no means of protection like a cover or sleeve, have the potential to be damaged from abrasive anchor points, UV rays from the sun and many other things. Naked tubing can also be stretched beyond the point of no return resulting in tears or breaks which can cause injury to the user. The patented “Safety Sleeve” developed and patented by Stroops, eliminates all the concerns and risks that naked tubing provides. This Safety Sleeve blocks all UV rays from the underlying rubber elastics bands. UV rays can be to rubber what kryptonite is to Superman. To protect the user from over stretching the bands while performing resistance tubing exercises, the Safety Sleeve will engage once it has stretched to its limitations leaving the inner bands safe and sound and free from damage. Another advantage of this sleeve is it is easy on the skin. There's never any pinching, pulling hair out or anything else that raw rubber tubing can cause.

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