Shuttle 2300-Clinical Plus System

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This exercise therapy equipment has a design that provides smooth, progressive resistance from 3 pounds to 160 pounds at full extension. It's also highly adjustable, the most adjustable of all the Shuttle System machines, which makes it ideal for a variety of users with varying levels of strength and capabilities. There are four models from which to choose: Adjustable, Clinical Package, Clinical Plus, and Deluxe.

The Shuttle 2000-1 Leg Press System is an exercise therapy system that has a horizontal carriage height of 25 inches, which makes it easy to complete patient transfers. It features a three-position adjustable backrest, provides smooth, progressive resistance, and it allows for resistance adjustments without forcing a patient to readjust. Select models are available with a PNF pulley tower system and this offers a variety of other treatments. Refer below for an informational, how-to video for correct use of the Shuttle 2000-1 Leg Press System.

The Shuttle 2000-1 Leg Press System, part of the Shuttle Systems line of offerings, has been used and trusted by physical therapists since 1985. 

Product Benefits:

  • Three-in-One Machine
  • Supine Leg Press
  • Less Than Body Weight Plyometrics
  • Early Stage Rehabilitation
  • Kickplate assembly
  • 25 in stand
  • Lateral handles
  • Progress monitor strip
  • Light resistance attachment
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Resistance: 12 - 200 lbs at full extension
  • Shuttle Wobble Board
  • ROM Control
  • Expansion Towers with PNF Pulley System

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