Shoulder Stabilizer SPA


DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer SPA


  • Cool - just an arm band, no chest vest
  • Easy-to-use - arm cuff and straps attach directly to the shoulder pads (must have holes drilled) which remain attached when not in use. Player can attach it themselves
  • Designed to protect against abduction, external rotation and internal rotation
  • Comfortable – nothing to poke or rub during play
  • Five sizes for the perfect fit
  • Multi-Directional protection strap as a custom option

More Information

Designed for use by those in contact sports where shoulder pads are worn. Specifically, this device is ideal for the restriction of abduction and external rotation and for symptoms or episodes of anterior and/or glenohumeral instability. The brace is also effective for posterior instability by restricting the shoulder ROM (range of motion) and disallowing the positioning of the joint in angles that increase the odds of a posterior dislocation, subluxation, or with glenohumeral instabilities.


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