Mini Power Massage Ball




Designed for on-the-go, a compact massage-therapy ball that helps to relieve tension and increase range of motion and flexibility.


  • Vibration Technology/ 3 Speed Hi-intensity Vibrating Massage Ball/  Mini
  • Designed for on-the-go, the Hypersphere Mini is a compact massage-therapy ball 
  • Helps to relieve tension and increase range of motion and flexibility.
  • Three high-intensity vibration settings
  • Can be used to activate, soothe, or loosen muscles/fascia in the: feet, calves, hamstrings, gluteus, hip flexors, shoulders, back, and forearms
  • The Mini's high-intensity vibration allows you to release tension and targeted areas deeper than a foam roller
  • Dual exterior (silicone grip texture plus dense shell) for optimal sheering


Technology Specifications and Features

  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries give over 2 hours of use per charge
  • 3'' in diameter, ideal size for trigger point release
  • Travel Friendly-TSA approved as carry-on, light and compact
  • 1 year warranty


Physiological Benefits Behind our Vibration

  • Loosens and releases trigger points or tender area as fast as 30 seconds
  • Can be used to relieve plantar fasciitis, tight hips, tension in upper/lower back, sore pec, or tight piriformis
  • Significant reduction in pain associated with myofascial release

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