Infrared Sauna Blanket for Recovery and Detox




Burn Calories while relaxing in your Bed. Our Infrared Sauna Blankets increase the body’s thermal energy and promote a temporary increase in blood flow - so you sweat like you are working out, without working out. A 30-minute jog burns around 300 calories. A 30-minute session in your portable sauna blanket will burn up to 600 calories— the perfect addition to a muscle recovery regiment after strenuous activity or on your days off from training. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a infrared sauna session in the convenience of your home.

  • Recommended treatment time is 30-60 minutes 3-4 sessions per week for optimal results. Rejuvenate and Detox in the comfort of your home. Avoid the hassle or expense of going to a spa or clinic.

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