Hyperblade NMES Handheld Massager


Innovative Myofascial Muscle Massager – Helps to reduce recovery times and relieve myofascial pain.

This multipurpose therapy device is similar to a Gua Sha scraping tool that utilizes micro-vibration and NMES micro-current to flush out lactic acid and untie deep knots. Hyperblade Warming Massage Tool with NMES features an ergonomic design and travel case so you can easily take your Hyperblade to the gym or when traveling. Use your Hyperblade with various massage oils and lotions and watch as it glides smoothly over the skin.


  • Full-Body Targeted Massage – This full-body massager with three levels of adjustable power options lets you target sore muscle groups, joints, and tissues including the neck, shoulder, lower back, thighs, quads, biceps, forearms, fingers, and more for complete circulation stimulation.
  • Ergonomic, Contoured Design – This handheld massager features a contoured edge, broad groove, and narrow groove to help you customize your massage experience and pinpoint areas like the neck, hamstrings, or even fingers with total precision.
  • Portable, Travel-Ready Size – Our massager is lightweight, compact, and weighs just 0.5 lbs. so you can take it with you to work, on vacation, to the gym, or wherever you need to relieve sore muscles and lactic acid buildup. The rechargeable lithium battery also lasts 5-7 hours for daily massaging support—a type-C charger cord for power bank, car charger, or quick laptop charging.
  • Smooth-Gliding Action – Along with an ergonomic design that glides over the muscles and your skin more effectively, our portable massager also comes with an essential oils bottle for adding massage water or oil that enhances your pain relief.


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