HawkGrips Introductory Set

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The HawkGrips Soft Tissue Therapy Introductory Instrument Set is specially engineered medical devices used by medical professionals to detect and treat soft tissue issues and break up abnormal densities such as scar tissue. The tools have a cross-hatched design on the handle to enhance gripping security and lessen the strain on the hands, and also feature single, double, and flat-edged instruments to allow for precise treatment on specific injuries

The HawkGrips Soft Tissue Therapy Introductory Instrument Set is an introductory set of ergonomically advanced, specifically precision-engineered medical instruments that glide over a patient's skin to detect and treat soft tissue dysfunction and injuries, adhesion, fascial restrictions, muscle strains, and scar tissue using the Instrument Aided Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM) technique.

Engineered with the medical practitioner in mind, the non-porous, surgical-grade stainless steel design allows the instruments to be repeatedly sterilized and cleaned, eliminating the transfer of bacteria from patient to patient. A cross-hatch gripping design on the instruments helps to prevent slippage and eases the strain on the doctor's hands, which over time and with many repeated uses, can help extend the physician's career longevity.

The introductory set includes a roll-up carrying case with a medium multi-curve instrument, a dual-edge tongue depressor instrument, and a scanner instrument, as well as an 8-ounce jar of emollient, a training manual, and an instructional video.


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