Professional Massage Package with G5 GK-3


SKU: ME 650


The G5 GK3 Massager is a quiet, powerful massage therapy unit that can hold up to heavy use in a clinical environment. The G5 GK3 Massager's directional stroking percussion apparatus allows for deep, penetrating therapy. A caster stand and tray for accessories come standard with it. The G5 GK3 Massager has a control panel that can be used to adjust the pulse rate from 15 to 60 CPS. A pack of applicators usable for different purposes is included. 

Download Spec Sheet: Here


  • High-quality professional massager designed for heavy, frequent use.
  • Changeable applicator heads provide versatility and easy use.
  • Dial-controlled, variable speed output, with speeds from 20 cps to 60 cps.
  • Lightweight, smooth 47.75"-long cable attached to a durable applicator head.
  • Stand mount or portable configurations.
  • Basic control panel with CPS indicator (low, medium and high).
  • Includes power supply to convert wall output voltage from 90 volts AC to 22 volts AC to 24 volts AC, mobile caster stand and storage tray.
  • Greater safety with 24-volt operation.
  • Assembled unit weight: 23 lbs.
  • Package includes large sponge applicator (3.5"); multiple-prong applicator; 4-ball applicator; pointed-tip applicator; large, round, firm-rubber applicator; curved sponge applicator; and 50 each medium and large disposable applicator covers.
  • Dimensions: 21" x 44" x 21" assembledlogomain.png
  • Product is non-returnable if removed from packaging - Warranty Repalcement Only

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