CanDo Twist-n-Bend Flexbar


Treat Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, and Tendonitis and Improve Hand Strength

Research-Proven Elbow Pain Relief.

The CanDo FlexBar exerciser is a lightweight, portable exerciser designed to strengthen muscles in the hand, wrist and shoulder. Also promotes coordination and increases range-of-motion. The bar is a perfect size for twisting and bending it. Perform oscillation movements for neuromuscular and balance training. Use for soft tissue and joint mobilization. The 12 inch long rubber bar utilizes the same graduated progressive color code as other CanDo® products (tan – xx-light, yellow – x-light, red - light, green - medium, blue - firm, and black – x-firm). Consistent bar diameter and length throughout resistances means you use the same muscles with each resistance.

Simple and Effective

The Cando FlexBar is a flexible, durable device used to complete hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow exercises that improve grip and forearm strength through bending and twisting. It also provides excellent upper extremity stabilization exercises through easy oscillation movement. TheraBand FlexBar is perfect for those looking to strengthen the elbow, wrist, forearm, and hand for sports, painting, rock climbing, guitar playing, and many daily activities like opening doors and jars. The simple exercises are provided with the product. By progressing from one resistance level to the next, the FlexBar family offers a measurable, functional exercise and training program.

Product Details

  • 4 levels of progressive difficulty
  • Made from dry natural rubber
  • Ridged design
  • 12 inches long

Exercise Instructions Included

The FlexBar comes equipped with exercise instructions to ensure proper and effective use. These at-home exercises mean you can treat elbow, hand, wrist, and forearm pain without receiving additional expensive treatment. For example, the exercise for treating Tennis Elbow is a simple, single movement that is clearly documented in pictures (see below) and video. This is true for the other strengthening exercises.

The FlexBar is also portable for your convenience, providing you with a strengthening and pain relieving device that can be used at home and on the go. Easily take it with you on a business trip or vacation to never miss any of your workout or rehabilitation routine.

Track your progress by advancing to the next FlexBar level!





Extra Light

The extra light yellow FlexBar has a 1 3/8 inch diameter and takes 6 pounds of force to bend in a U-shape, making it ideal for beginner patients, youth, seniors, and those experiencing a high degree of elbow pain.


The light red FlexBar has a 1 ½ inch diameter and takes 10 pounds of force to bend in a U-shape, providing an increased difficulty. Red is the typical starting point for Tennis Elbow exercises among women and is ideal for their strengthening needs.


The medium green FlexBar has a 1 ¾ inch diameter and takes 15 pounds of force to bend in a U-shape. This FlexBar is great for pain relief in musicians, painters, and gardeners. Green is the typical starting point for Tennis Elbow exercises among men and is ideal for their strengthening needs.


The heavy blue FlexBar has a 2 inch diameter and takes 25 pounds of force to bend in a U-shape, making it ideal for advanced and elite sports grip training for CrossFit, kayaking, rock climbing, weightlifting, rowing, gymnastics, martial arts, and racquet sports

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