Airtek HIIT Air Bike

HCI Fitness

SKU: AT-1000B


The AirTEK HIIT Air Bike uses smooth air resistance to provide an efficient workout. The Air Bike uses an innovative 25" Aero-Fan with steel fan blades and a single stage belt drive allows for a smooth, low-impact progression towards unlimited wind resistance. The aerodynamic steel fan blades act as a weighted flywheel that facilitates quick transitions from rest to sprint during High Intensity Interval Training. This bike features a cockpit style display that is easy to use. Choose from 12 built-in training programs that were specially selected by professional fitness coaches and athletes. Monitor RPM, Speed, WATTS, Calories, Time, Distance and Heart Rate all at the same time. AirTek's Aero-Fan and single stage poly drive effectively compresses air resistance to ensure that the energy exerted is accurately displayed as actual and average WATTS. The AirTEK display is equipped with a built-in receiver that allows heart rate to be monitored. Conveniently store a water bottle, phone and other items for easy access during breaks or leisurely rides. Oversized foot pegs allows legs to rest during upper body isolation workouts. Weighing in at 157 lbs the AirTEK HIIT Air Bike can accommodate up to 350 lb users.


  • Fan Diameter 25"
  • Weight 160lb
  • Dimensions 24x48x60
  • Rated for Commercial Use


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