Airex Balance Pad Elite


SKU: 30-1915


The AIREX Balance Pad Elite has the same dimensions and high quality construction as the original Balance Pad, but includes an added no-slip, non-scuff surface on both sides. If you have lower back pain while sitting, the Airex Balance Pad Elite is an excellent resource to strengthen your lower back muscles. The cushion moves the stress from your lower back to your stomach muscles, thus reducing the impact on your back and strengthening your abdomen at the same time. A must for commuters or frequent travelers, the Airex Balance Pad Elite allows you to get all the benefits of an exercise ball when you're away from home. The Airex Balance Pad Elite combines both exercise and balance skills to increase strength, stamina, differentiation, and coordination. The balance pad is great for those with fibromyalgia or anyone who has trouble standing for long periods of time.

Therapists can vary the challenge of the "wobble effect" by stacking two balance pads or by using one on a mat. The Airex balance cushion will not absorb water and is sanitized to inhibit the growth of microbes. Used while standing or lying on the floor, the resistance of the pad adds an element of "wobble", maximizing effort and enhancing results. Or, use multiple cushions when doing squats, lunges or pushups for even greater challenge.

Applications for the Airex Balance Pad Elite include: Balance training Mobility training Standing stability training Lower extremity rehabilitation Motor skill training to maintain balance Functional retraining of the muscles in the lower extremities Lower back strengthening Airex Balance Pad Elite Features: Combines both exercise and balance skills Constructed of a soft specialty foam Will not absorb water Latex free Great for fibromyalgia Ideal for anyone who has trouble standing for long periods of time Manufactured under strict ISO 9001 standards Airex Balance Pad Elite


  • Dimensions: 20" L x 16.4" W x 2 1/2" H

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