11-Piece Resistance Band Set




Includes a door anchor and two ankle straps for the widest range of resistance training. Perform a full body workout to strengthen the core and isolate specific muscle groups. The BodyPro 11-Piece Resistance Band Set is ideal for adjusting limbs, hips, buttocks, abdominal muscles, biceps, triceps, legs and knees. Suitable for a variety of exercise programs.



Get the most out of resistance bands with these exercises. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do resistance bands work?

Yes! Resistance bands are great for anyone. They are great for anyone looking to build muscle and are a great physical therapy tool.

What should I look for when buying resistance bands?

Different resistance bands provide different resistance levels. We recommend investing in a few different resistance strengths for the different areas of the body.

Do resistance bands burn fat?

Resistance bands help build and tone muscles. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body is able to burn throughout the day which can result in overall fat loss.

How do I use resistance bands?

There are endless ways to use resistance bands, depending on the area of the body you are focusing on.

Which type of resistance band is right for me?

This will vary depending on individual fitness level and the area of the body you will be focusing on. When just starting out, we recommend sticking with lighter resistance band options to avoid injury.

How long do resistance bands last?

When taken care of, resistance bands should last 1-3 years.

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